Our partners are so important and provide the time, resources and platform to spread awareness, inspire action and raise funding. Talent needs to be nurtured as kids need to be loved. 


A music, film & tech content development company that specializes in music production, songwriting, customized sound for film/tv, artist development, and audiovisual content for the entertainment industry. Trip Digital operates two studio offices in New York City and Los Angeles. Their seasoned artists & engineers have developed an innovative and sustainable approach to songwriting, music production, visual content and technology.



An executive producer of independent artists and content that reflects local subculture. In partnership with Trip Digital, they are creating the model for independent artists to build and sustain a commercially viable career of business and creativity.



Helps students attend college debt free one child at the time.  Our planetary mission is to culture and support the academic development of every student by empowering all students with the financial ability to attend a higher education institution.