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at Choosing Independence foundation, we are doing what the rest of the country says is impossible: we are ending student loan debt–for good. Your donation is a smart investment in the future, an open door of opportunity and a path to self-sufficiency.

Support the cause by getting involved. If you can't make a video, make a $1.00 or greater donation to the Choosing Independence Foundation.

When you give to Choosing Independence Foundation, you are showing support for a long-term solution to ending student loan debt in America. You are providing support to students that are achieving their dreams to earn success! Thank you!

Choosing Independence Foundation hold at least 3 months of operating funds in reserve, and our overhead is low: 15%. That means for every dollar you donate to Choosing Independence Foundation, less than 15 cents covers administrative costs. (The national average is 25 cents.)

We are a youth student case management organization that provides a variety of community, financial and educational vehicles to help expand a student's ceiling of learning. In our full scope, we incorporate community and education into the students' daily activity which enhances the individuals’ character, understanding of community participation and academic achievement.